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Founded in 1933, ASKO produces a wide range of shear knives and specialty wear-resistant tooling for the metal producing, metal processing and metal recycling industries.

ASKO combines expert understanding of special tool-steel materials, technology and tooling application requirements for hot and cold working to create innovative solutions for all tooling needs

Worldwide manufacturing network

Manufacturing in the USA, Europe and Mexico.

Each ASKO facility manufactures to the same rigorous standards

Comprehensive Grade and Application Expertise

ASKO’s experience is long in duration and broad in scope.

ASKO continually develops material and technology that lead the industry.

Many of our innovative material’s and technology developments are today’s standards.

In-house metallurgical engineers support your application needs.

Our R&D, engineering, and the ASKO Academy, added to 80 years of experience make that ASKO has an unique know-how about Shear Knife materials, Heat-treatments, Coatings, Geometry, etc. enabling dedicated solutions for most steel and non-ferrous hot and cold shearing applications.


ASKO regrinding and reconditioning shops guarantee consistent knife-service-life in line with service-life and performance of new shear knives

Make-to-order Engineering and Design Support

ASKO offers grade and design recommendations tailored to your application.

ASKO know-how helps you avoid costly errors and improves your quality and productivity

Your Shear Knives from stock

ASKO offers to keep stock of your dedicated shear knives against a frame-contract. This way your dedicated shear knives will be delivered by return against your (urgent) knife requirements.

Partenership, Service & Support

ASKO very well knows the importance of avoiding unexpected failures in continuous operations as well as the need for a continuous increase of the efficiency of operations. These are the basis of ASKO’s product-quality, material-grades, technical support and service to all our customers.

ISO9001 :2008 Certification

ASKO have been audited in accordance with the requirements of the international organization for standardization (ISO) Products


  • Rotary knives

ASKO is well known as a specialist of tooling for precision slitting.

Rotary Knives for side trimming and slitting applications. For continuous side trimming applications, the performance and service life of side trimming and scrap chopping knives is of strategic importance for strip quality and line efficiency.

For Slitting knives, spacers and bonded spacers the precision and set-up technology are the key elements. ASKO is well known as precision slitting specialist.

  • Straight knives

Straight Knives for hot- and cold shearing applications. These knives are used in Hot Rolling Mills, Cold Rolling Mills, Pickling lines, Coating lines, Heavy Plate Mills, Bar/Rod Mills, Service centers, etc. Typical applications: crop shear knives, welding shear knives, flying shear knives, scrap chopper knives, etc.

  • Wear plates

Precision Liners and Wear plates in Rolling Mills control the alignment of the (mostly 4-Hi) Roll Stack, allowing tight gaps between housing and roll-chocks last but not least dampen vibrations (thus chatter). ASKO is your partner for regular and stainless compound steel Liners as well as dedicated shock-resistant through hardened (stainless) tool steel Liners. ASKO is also the manufacturer of Hydraliners, designed for Cold Rolling Mills to dampen high speed vibration and chatter as well as reduce Back-up roll wear and damage.