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Founded in 1977, the company FAI – FTC S.p.A. is a foundry that produces products in stainless steels and refractory resistant to heat and corrosion.

Its two establishments realize static flows parts and tubes centrifuged from client projects and specifications.

The quality of the product and an innovative service are the core values of the company ISP – FTC.

The belief that a quality management system is essential for improvements to the daily prompted ISP – FTC to obtain its first certification according to UNI as early as 1994 standards

Since its Foundation, the company ISP – FTC is a member of the Steel Founders Society of America. This allows to be informed of innovations and new research in the sector both on materials and production techniques.


Reference markets are essentially the steel industry and metallurgy, heat treatment, petrochemicals and incinerators.


Studs, riders, load bearing, stringers and andirons, thresholds and doors, oven mats Costières moulded, end caps and cones of rollers, elbows, baskets, racks, trays, columns, racks, worm, muffle, moulded recuperators, turbines.

Oven, bottom rolls, rolls of continuous casting rolls.

Radiants tubes

Why prefer a cast product:

The most direct and effective way to produce complex shapes steel components is to resort to the casting, static or centrifuged rotating shell fixed form.

This method is the only possible choice for the products in special alloys with high physical and mechanical properties.

The quality of the pieces is higher that of products obtained from welded profiles, a casting, properly planned, has fewer defects and more resistance.

The quality of a cast product determines the actual cost: higher quality of the cast product, and more its actual cost is low. The actual cost of a material does not correspond to its purchase price but also depends on its duration of use and installation tooling costs.

Benefits of a cast product

Design flexibility, this production technique to create castings form complex.

Metallurgical adaptability, the process allows to use a number of alloys with high mechanical properties.

Quality, greater uniformity of mechanical properties

Reduced cost, increased longevity of the product and limited quantities of the minimum production lot.

How to choose a suitable alloy

Cast heat resistant steels are used in installations with more than 650 ° C operating temperature and can withstand temperatures up to 1220 ° C.

For a correct determination of the alloy, should take account of the conditions of operation of the facilities.

On the basis of these data ISP FTC determines the best alloy that can.

Withstand temperatures and the corrosive atmosphere of the oven.

Introduce a strain controlled and compatible with the structural constraints of the facility.

Submit a creep adapted to the load on the part.

To show  a resistance to consistent traction.