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About Litostroj Ravne

Litostroj Ravne provides solutions for metal-forming industry. It manufactures high quality custom-made metal forming presses with nominal force from 400 to 40,000 kN. In its 45 years long history the company has established a worldwide brand RAVNE that stands for innovation, reliability and durability of custom-made presses. Up to date, Litostroj Ravne has successfully implemented more than 1,500 projects all over the world.


1620: Beginning of steelmaking in Ravne, Slovenia

1969: Construction of first press

1970-1971: Cooperation with German enterprise Weingarten

1971: Construction of the first press for exports, for Germany

1992: the Ravne steelworks split into several independent production and services companies. Stroji Ltd took possession of presses production.

2008: Stroji Ltd became a member of Litostroj Group.

2009: New company name – Litostroj Ravne ltd

2010: New worldwide projects. New corporate identity


Litostroj Ravne develops, designs, manufactures and installs technologically advanced press units. Ravne presses come in a variety of types such as precise cutting, forging, blanking, deep-draw forming or progressive and transfer tool processing. With entire in-house production, Litostroj Ravne is able to launch a complete production line for metal processing, including decoilers, feeders, straighteners and other auxiliary press equipment of certified quality. At Litostroj Ravne, we do not focus on a press type but rather listen to customers’ specific needs and choose the best combination of press drive or function in order to increase the quality of pressing. In this way Litostroj Ravne provides solutions for technological growth of their customers.


Apart from launching new products, Litostroj Ravne delivers a full scope of services for metal forming industry. Years of experience allow our skilled professionals to offer expert press- planning consulting. We advise our partners on press line improvement, automation and modernization, component wear reduction and productivity optimization on existing presses.

Litostroj Ravne also performs refurbishment of used machines and equipment of any brand, and can relocate and maintain stamping presses all over the world. As a value added activity Litostroj Ravne performs a range of services to keep customers’ presses in good shape. It involves maintenance, regular check-ups, preventive suggestions, repairs, spare parts accessibility as well as training and assistance at start-ups.

From conception to maintenance

Customer orientation

  • Requirement analysis
    • Optimal solutions for customer’s needs
    • Integrating customer’s demands
  • Time and process studies
  • Standardized procedures in project management to optimize delivery time
  • Engineering
    • Up-to-date design calculation to optimize machine design
  • Latest commercial and own developed software


  • Assembly
    • Precise installing guarantees low deflection rate
  • Test run
    • Each press machinery is initially tested in house
  • Installation
  • At your facility


  • Design
    • 3-D modeling
    • Electrical design
    • Design in any customers’ standards
    • Application of latest drives and automation systems
  • Quality material purchase
    • From verified suppliers
  • Production
    • Experienced workers guarantee high quality of welded parts


  • Automation
    • Complete turnkey integration of automation
  • Start-ups and education
    • Assistance at start-ups for optimal productivity
  • Spare parts and services
    • Quick response in maintaining presses of any brands