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Lifting and Handling Equipment

Since 1908, Conte Metal Mec designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for the handling, under hooks and ground, of steel as products coils, sheet metal packages, slabs, plates etc. with the objective of achieving the best possible conditions both for the materials and for operators.

Their expert and engineers have developed specific systems to improve the safety and speed of handling, always with the objective to occupy the least possible space inside your storage building and site.

To demonstrate the superiority of the company Conte, in fact, many of these innovative solutions have been patented worldwide.

EC Declaration of conformity is always included with the products, which ensures that the supplied material is in conformity with the basic project and certify the equipment are conformed to the UNI/CNR – declared FEM class.


  • The main products are:
  • Coil Tilters
  • Coils cars
  • Grab for Coils with hole in the horizontal axis
  • C” hooks for coils
  • Grab for Coils with hole in vertical axis
  • Lifting Beams
  • Grab for handling sheet metal packs
  • Vacuum sheet lifter
  • Grab for handling blooms and plates
  • Grab for slabs
  • Aerial tilting Grab
  • Motorized Rotations
  • and any other special solutions.
  • All handling equipments are provided with: A use and maintenance manual and the declaration of conformity