For us, to work means to create something useful for our Customers. Since more than 25 years we transfer our LASER measuring technology experience into products that are able to perform uninterrupted service even in the most severe environmental conditions. This, for the full benefit of who has believed in us.

We have never stopped to follow the great technology development by means of continuous activity of research, innovation and cooperation with high level partners. Since these attitudes have brought good results, we do not see any reason not to continue along this road.

We are specialized in laser and optical instruments and systems for applications in production lines in metal industry, both in hot and cold area.

Supply of sensors and measuring heads

  • Supply of “turn key” systems
  • System engineering
  • HW/SW design and development
  • Qualified technical assistance


  • LASER triangulation
  • Telecentric optical projection
  • Time-of-flight and phase-shift
  • High speed linear and matrix CMOS
  • Real time PC-based automation software

Typical applications

Hot area:

  • Automatic level regulation of liquid metals
  • Ring diameter measurement in rolling process
  • Thickness measurement of hot plates
  • Diameter measurement of forged bars
  • Dimensional controls of hot metals

Measures on materials up to 2200°C temperature

  • Insulated and cooled measuring heads
  • Internal temperature automatic regulation
  • Very long working distances
  • Data output on any type of interface and field-bus

Cold area

  • Thickness measurement of strips and sheets
  • Width measurement of strips
  • Straightness and flatness control of surfaces
  • Diameter and ovalization measurement of tubes
  • Length and speed measurement of parts

Completely safe non-contact measurement

  • Best accuracy on any type of material
  • Tough solutions for dusty environments applications
  • Fast and easy calibration systems
  • Data storage for total and quick traceability