The group

The NUMEN group was created in 2007 at the acquisition of EXIM TRADE to combine under a single entity the convergent and complementary activities of Marketing & Services Aux Industries (MESAI) and EXIM TRADE.

The diversity of products offered and manufactured by the whole Partners are intended for diverse industries. MESAI and EXIM TRADE, NUMEN Group, have a portfolio of products that presents attractive synergy for the requests of Customers and Partners of the NUMEN Group.

The targets of the NUMEN GROUP are to be and stay open minded to the requests of their customers and answer them to their full satisfaction.


The expertises of the engineers of MESAI, acquired in engineering since 1970 allow propose solutions answering the requests of the customers.


The experience gained since the set up in 1983 in the areas of metallurgy allowed maintaining a high technical level that persists to this day.

In 2007, this activity has been completed by petrochemical industry which ensures a diversification of the areas of competence in the thermal area and combustion

In 2008, a new direction in the food area supplemented the traditional areas of EXIM TRADE